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How to Unstuck Myself?


Do you often find yourself in a space of being stuck with the same thing over and over again? Do you have some issues that don’t seem to go away no matter what you try? Do you feel like you are going in cycles and when one thing goes great a similar issue shows up in another way or in another area of your life?

What is that about and what can you do about it? Is there away to get over these recurring things for good and for real?

Yes there is, and the answer is in your awareness. Whatever is showing up for you is a part of your consciousness weather you like it or not. So the key to change is to become aware of what it is that your own consciousness is trying to communicate to you through the world around you. There are no separate things “out there” and you don’t really need to go out there either to find the solutions, because it is all in you.

It is actually way more easier than we have been taught to believe, that is also why we rather believe others, when they say they have invented some grand solution for our problems, than to trust our own awareness.

What if it really is more simple than anyone has ever told you?

What if all that is required is your unconditional presence to all that is for you and specially all that you think is wrong in your life? 

What we usually do when these thing occur is that we go into the wrongness of us, we ask what is wrong with me, why this and that keeps happening no matter what…? And of course we end up creating a whole lot more of that what we don’t like by our asking.

How can we change this?

We can change things by shifting our focus from the seeming separation into the oneness of us. What if you saw the world around you just as much a part of your body as the body you are in right now. What if the things you see as things are just a physical representation of your being and those things that seem to be wrong just require for you to acknowledge that they are a part of you and for you to take care of that part of your body in a more loving way.

So, how do I work with this then? You can imagine that all that is “off” in your life are like neglected little kids screaming for your attention, they are not screaming because they want you to change them, they are screaming because they want you to be present to them. So you may want to start asking what is this “child” requiring of me? What is this really about? How can I be present to this child so that it knows that it is loved completely and unconditionally? How can I spend time with her and play with her, so that it knows that I’m here for her?

When you start asking what is this really about, you get the instant awareness of it somewhere in your being in your awareness. But most likely, a part of us wants to push it away, because for our minds that is a red flag alert, danger zone that may bring up unpleasant emotions, so we rather keep on trying to solve the problems that actually are created by that same ignorance or our unwillingness to lovingly be with it.

Now, you may wonder, “what does that mean and I have already tried loving everything, and that just made me angrier, because obviously I didn’t do it the right way, since nothing really changed for me.” I have talked about this before, but it is such a big key to change, that I’ll talk about it again. Because, there is a big difference in being lovingly and unconditionally present or loving something as “an object”.

Many of us are so brainwashed into thinking that unconditional love means feeling the same as being romantically in love and we have to have all those loving feelings for everything, but that is not what it is about. Pure unconditional loving presence is actually a very neutral space of allowance, that can in the end transform our emotions into a higher levels of love, gratitude and pure joy.

Unconditional love is capable of housing all of our emotions without any judgments about them. I taught a process on my Abundant Goddess show, that teaches you how to be lovingly present to all that you want to change in your life through your body. So if you want to check it out just go to my website: www.magical-goddess.com Personally it has been a process that has created the quickest changes for me.

When we ask, the awareness does come to us instantly, we just aren’t aware of it. Now that sounds a bit funny. But it really is so. We are infinite beings with infinite resources at all times. It is just that the Universe that we are speaks to us beyond our “limited” ways of perception and to be completely honest it does speak to us very loud and clearly.

That sounds even more crazy, right? But it isn’t, once you practice being present to all that is for you right now and by doing so the more fluent your own way of having a conversation with all of your Universe becomes and the clearer you start picking up the messages that are all around you. And they really are in the tiniest details of your life and your environment.

So my challenge for you today is to drop all of your need to change anything in your life for at least one whole day, but instead be present to all that is for you and all that comes to your way no matter what it is.

If you get any emotional reaction, just say thank you for showing up for me, how can I totally unconditionally be here for you now? What message do you have for me right now? I’m willing to receive the gifts of you. Then just be, don’t allow yourself to go to your mind and into any stories of your past and don’t try to change or push things away but be in the question, what is this?

Practice being out of your mind when you are asking, without trying to analyze or seek for the answers, but just being the question, without having to have a point of view about anything, without the need to understand any of it, without the need to come into a conclusion. Play and see what that creates for you?

Magic lives in the organizing powers of the appearing chaos we can receive just by letting go of our needs to order it around. And we can only give orders if we base our lives on the stories of the past. If we truly want to be magic we have to become one with the chaos, that always stays undefined, unknown to us.







Warrior Goddess Training Part 9

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Be Patient With Your Journey

Have you ever stopped to wonder why is it that all the great leaders, when asked how they got there, start speaking about the struggles that they went through? Yet we are looking for the quick fix, buying the easy ways to success. When most of the easy ways only lead people to create jobs, that is bringing in some money or a lot of money, but leaves them somehow still empty inside.

What if the key to you being you is in the journey that it takes you and what if every step on the way counts and what if all the time it takes to get “there” is the time your magic is growing in strength.

What if the ease of life is not in the destination of your imagined success, but the way you be right now where ever you are? The way you feel right now on this never ending journey. What if you were not in hurry to get to some place, but were able to see that you have already arrived, right now to this moment that is the playground of your magic?

Are you willing to be a true leader or are you willing to buy the quick fixes of other’s and keep on trying to get somewhere that you think you need to be? What if the only thing that separates you from relaxing into the magical flow of your life is that you are trying to get away from it right now? It is your trust that creates the support you need at all times, are you willing to trust, relax and enjoy the journey. One thing you can be sure of is that the destination you imagined is never quite like you imagined it, but it can always be way better.

Enjoy your magical journey,




Warrior Goddess Training PART 9

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When we resist we fall

When we go with the flow of the movement and relax or bodies nothing can shake us off our feet. But when we resist we fall. This is something I learned in my Taiji practice. This is true for anything in our lives, what we resit we keep on creating and that often means all the unpleasant emotions we don’t want to feel again.

To connect with the flow of life is to be willing to receive it all, relaxing into that flow of life that is all working for our good. Our first reaction often is to fight back or constrict and go into hiding or give up.

A true warrior expands in the face of fear, lack or seeming limitations. She asks what else is possible here I haven’t even considered before? We create what we are, reality is only a reflection of our being, a feedback system of our choices of being. We can see any obstacle as an opportunity to expand beyond our own past.

We get what we give, what are you giving? Where can you expand your giving? Are you living in a space of, I’ll give more when I have more? What if that is the space you can expand beyond, into your true abundance? And what if the greatest gift of you is what you are, not the things you have or do?

What could you start giving right now from that which you truly are?



Warrior Goddess Training PART 8.

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Are you trying to justify your actions?

How often, even when we are expanding, having experiences of total unconditional love and surrender, do we still have the need to make things right, to be the good girl or boy. Explaining our choices to those we think we are capable of hurting, forgetting that the pain that is brought up in anyone has already been there long before we came to witness it. Long before we even arrived to this life. And by taking on the guilt and the blame we take part into the stories and are refusing to see the “other” with the eyes of “God”, as the being that has it’s own path, with it’s carefully planted steps.

How often are we trying to explain our love that has no reason or agendas of being, because it is not received as it is. It is hard for us to stay out of expectations, projections and conclusions. Even when we know that the truth of love is always in the freedom. True love has no pain in it as it is experienced in this moment of now.

When we slip out of that choice of being that is only possible in this now, our minds starts building the fantasies of the past and future and we create suffering with our attachments to the past pains. We are here taking parts into each other’s stories, and however painful it might seem we are always being the choice the “other” has chosen to experience.

Have you ever wondered, why it is that one person can be completely different with someone else? It is because we all have our own stories we create from and as long as we are stuck into our stories of past, we are not able to receive another in freedom, beyond the stories. Then we start playing the games of trying to please or to explain our own being and choices to everyone around us, instead of just being confident of our choices in every moment, being in allowance of us to have the freedom to make another choice, freedom to make a “mistake”. We out of loyalty and kindness start denying our own freedom to change our minds and by doing that we become the “superior” and “inferior” energies, that keep us from being that flow of love that we truly be.

How much are you trying not to hurt anyone, and how much are you believing that it is in your power to choose for another?

What if you allowed yourself to be the freedom you truly be for yourself, without guilt or fear? Love yourself first.



Warrior Goddess Training PART 7.

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One of the biggest thing on my Goddess journey has been about balancing the masculine and the feminine. I see so much of the Goddess rising movement focused on us women gaining our own power back from the masculine, yet we want to remember that no one has ever had the power to take anything away from us, we are infinite beings. If we truly want to be in our own power we have to claim 100% responsibility of our perception. The change is always a personal journey, even if we are perceiving the collective changes. We can only heal ourselves and through that the rest of the world.

I see Goddess circles forming that exclude men, because it is safer for us if there are no men around. But that is us carrying on with the separation, and polarity consciousness excluding parts of us in order to feel safer. If we truly want to change the world we have to become one whole and complete within ourselves and within the society. We all need to make peace with the God and the Goddess. We need to create a world that is free of fear and that is not possible by exclusion, but by welcoming the enemy, that is always within. So if we truly want to become free Goddesses we want to embrace the masculine and we want to get over the whole gender separation, anger and fear. We want to include the God within and without.

The real change has happened when we can be safe and empowered as women around men and when men can feel safe and powerful amongst us empowered magical Goddesses. We all have the choice weather we function from fear or love. Are we truly willing to rise beyond what has been or are we stuck in trying to fix and fight the past?

Warrior Goddess does not fight against an enemy, but for her freedom, for her love that is unconditional and all inclusive. I have found it most helpful to start connecting with the masculine within by visualizing. It helps us to connect with and heal that part of us that is capable of taking fast action, making decisions and getting things done.

So here is a little simple practice for you to connect with the masculine within.

Connect with the masculine:

Close your eyes, breath deep and relax your body and ask for your masculine side to show up for you. Allow him to show up for you as he is right now. What do you see, what is the state of that being? How does he look, feel or sense to you? Start having a conversation with him. What does he require from you to be balanced in your life? How have you not allowed him to be a part of you?

You can end the practice by allowing him to transform into what he truly could be for you and with you if he was totally empowered and happy. Feel how safe it would be to be living with fully empowered masculine, to be held in his arms. How does that make the feminine within you feel? I wonder what else would he be able to create with you?



Warrior Goddess Training PART 6.

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Honoring The Sacred Space of You

We are the most sacred space in our Universe and the space of us includes everything that is for us right now. We often want to change things, to get something better, to feel better, to have more and that is a natural quality of consciousness, we want to expand. But we forget that what is now is the most sacred space of experience we can have and we want to escape it, rather than receive the sacredness of it all. I had such a powerful experience of deeply understanding through my body what the sacredness of space means and I know it is a huge part of the Warrior Goddess journey, to understand that we have already have arrived and every single particle in our experience is our home.

What does this mean you may wonder? To understand this we can go into the details of what is now. Just imagine that all the things, the house you are in, the floors you walk on, the walls surrounding you, the ground you are walking on is a part of the one consciousness, part of your consciousness. Every “thing” you think has no awareness knows all of you, all of your feelings, thoughts and emotions. The floor boards you are walking on knew you even when they were trees in a forest, as seeds of trees. Imagine the journey they have made to be here for you, for you to have a floor to walk on. Think of all the particles that anything in your life is consisting, all of them knew that that were a part of your life, even before you did.

Think of all the love, of all that you have has for you. What it has taken for these things to be a part of your experience. It is all there just to be for you, even if it would not be the ideal of what you would like to have, it is a part of what you have chosen, but you have done so mostly unconsciously. But whatever it is now is your sacred creation, and as you can see, it has required a lot for even just a one spoon to come to you from the other side of the world.

When you practice, and I would say that a good way to practice is just a little meditation, quieting your mind and allowing yourself to observe an object in your surroundings and being in allowance of receiving what it is, practicing what it feels like being one with the object, can help you to get to this space. And as you really start to get this, you will find a very deep space of gratitude for all that is and you also understand that it is a sacred space that can take any form you choose. It is not in the things, it is in the being that is all of it. You can be one with that consciousness, you can be one with the awareness of any “thing” or form. You can be one with that love that is willing to take form and embody as physical objects in your reality.

What would it require for you to be able to take any form just by choice? This is the alchemy of magic and it is present for all of us right now. Are you willing to be with what is, to know how you are being it all right now as the most sacred space in your Universe?




Warrior Goddess Training PART 5.

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The only war is within. A true warrior knows this without a doubt. A true warrior never fights the circumstances, never gives her power away to an enemy that is an illusion. She knows she can not be killed. She knows her heart can not be broken. She knows there is no war that can not be won by love, for she knows the power of love is the most powerful force in the Universe.

She has no competition, for there is no one else who can be the legacy she is. She does not waste her energy in the battles of the past. She holds her own space, willing to be killed, willing to be broken, willing to be whatever it takes, for her the only real death is not to be what she came here to be.

She doesn’t give up, ever. She doesn’t give up even when there is no one willing to receive her victories. She knows it is her battle, it is her own love she is here to attain, to concur, to receive and to gift. She sees herself in the eyes of anyone her path crosses. She knows every death is her own, every smile is her own heart speaking in that sacred language only hearts can know.

Her heart is always open, to listen the whispers of the unknown and she feels safe for as long those whispers never end. For her the only fear would be for them to stop, because that would mean she’d stopped being the warrior she truly is.



Warrior Goddess Training PART 4.

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Today I had an amazingly powerful experience. I have had something on my heart that has caused me to react, very subtly but I could still feel a reaction in me. This is a past relationship with someone, who I felt resentment towards. I thought about it today and asked if I can let it all go, and how could I get past it. Not that it was bothering me much, yet I know by now that to be free we need to be completely free from all past.

I really wanted to know what it was that kept me holding on to the resentment. It took a while of having a deep conversation with myself and then it hit me like a lightning. We hear a lot of talk about how we can give our power away to other people and the circumstances and I have talked about it too. But as I went through this little thing, I realized that there isn’t a way we could possibly ever give our power away to anyone. It simply is impossible. It might look like it for sure, but in a free will Universe it is actually not truly possible, it is always a choice and even when we choose that we still can’t really give our power away.

Other people might play the role of the villain and the liar in our lives, but as I went deep tonight, I found that love beneath it all. Those who love us the most can also hurt us the most, is not only true in human level, but in the level of our spirit, as we have agreed to gift each other different lessons of life. This might sound very simplistic and truth kind of always seems to be very simple, but it was a very profound experience to really awaken to the “truth” that I am the “only” power creating my experiences and there is no way anyone can give their power away, even if they wanted to. We all are expressions of the one, yet no one can see through our eyes and have the experiences we choose to have. And when we look deep enough there is always love to be found and in that love we can discover ourselves with no separation from anything that is.

So my questions for today are: Where do you still believe that it is possible for you to give your power away? What if you began to ask what for have you created the things you have right now as they are? What learning would be possible if you were willing to receive it? What sacred divine truth could be hiding beneath it all for you? What if you knew that it is actually impossible for you to ever give your power away?

Warrior Goddess Training PART 3.

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Clear Your Space

It is time to focus on what supports us and what doesn’t. We always have a choice to choose who and what we spend our lives with. That includes our thoughts, emotions, bodies, people, media and everything else we can surround our selves with. When we go deep enough to look who are we really as humans, we can come to a realization that “the human” self of us is merely a perception of what we think we are based on our life’s experiences. We as persons are a collection of memories, protected by our ego’s powerful grip.

But there is a greater being most of us are aware of, in one way or another, we know there is more to us. That more becomes available for us by quieting our mind chatter, resting in our being and practice being present, becoming the observer with no points of views or judgements of how things are, but to be in space of continuous question, never reaching the conclusion, but always resting in that natural flow and mystery of life, where the unknown is our only safety.

That space we can reach through meditation, or simply just becoming present to all that is right now several times a day until it becomes a natural space for us to be at all times. Once we do practice becoming still regularly, we create space for our awareness that is beyond our minds limits, receiving and being before the pure energies have been interpreted as somethings we then react to. And a reaction is always an indication we are buying a lie about us or this reality as true. We have become both the victim and the judge. Our reality is run by polarities, we are either trying to get away from something or trying to get something, instead of being what we choose to be.

We can ask ourselves what is the point of focusing our thoughts into something we don’t wish to create and just simply shift our focus on things we want to create. It doesn’t have to be complicated, our perception creates our realities and once we change our perception our realities change. We can ask what else could I choose for me right now? Becoming aware of our inner space, and clearing our inner space, ending all judgements, old limiting beliefs and patterns we make room for the Goddess, for the inspiration and the flow of our true being to enter.

Once we become anchored into our true being, that is made of pure light and love, we are in a powerful position to stop pleasing the world around us. We can be more conscious of our abilities to create our outer space instead of being the victim of the circumstances. When we have stopped being victims we have no guilt in saying no to the things we don’t want in our lives and reach a new level of confidence and self respect.

To clear our outer space we can simply look at the things we spend our time with. What we occupy our minds with, what we read, who and what we spend time with, what is our emotional space. Can we change those things into something that creates more love and expansion in us? What about my body, what would my body love, to eat, to drink, to wear? How many choices am I making about my body based on the judgements of what I think I need to be in order to please others? What would my body choose if I wasn’t trying to force it to be something, or if I wasn’t punishing it for it not being perfect?

We can be very practical about clearing our “outer” space. Embodying a warrior like attitude into our choices, and start asking does this work for me, if not then choose something else, with no need to explain our choices to others by our fears of what other people might think. We can also be very through and detailed with clearing our space. Whatever works for us. We can ask our bodies about anything, would this shampoo work with my hair? How could I arrange my furniture in a way that allowed my body to be and and the energies to flow with more ease? How much money could I receive that would allow me to take care of my body in the way it would like to be taken cared for? Warrior can not be a victim, warrior asks; can I change this and how can I change this so that it will work for me?




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